Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 1, Winter and Spring 2019 
5. Awareness and knowledge of cord blood collection among pregnant women ‎and doctors and effect on cord blood banking in Iran

Pages 37-50

Bahareh Abbaspanah; Ashkan Mozdgir; Morteza Zarrabi; Saeed Abroun; Seyed Hadi Mousavi; Saeed Choolaei

8. The Conceptualization of a Policy package for Development of Medical Tourism in Iran

Pages 74-78

Farzaneh Nattagh; Ali Hamidizadeh; Aliasghar Pourezat; A’azam Mirzamini

11. Ranking of healthcare services quality factors using COPRAS RUGH in ‎Imam Reza hospital

Pages 107-130

Zahra Khosrobeigi; Mahdi Yousefi Nejad Attari; Sajjad Ebadi