Evaluation of Hospital Performance using the Developed BSC Model

Document Type : Research Paper


Hospital Management Research Center(HMRC), Iran university of science and medical(IUMS)


Background and objective: To improve an organization's performance, a suitable model is required as it is not possible to reach the goals without a suitable model. In addition, assessment and review of the programs will not be done effectively without employing a suitable model, and also the organizations could not have effective management on their performance without considering the results of their activities. Using effective tools to evaluate the performance of hospitals as multi-function organizations has always been one of the main challenges of top managers of hospitals. Hospitals are the main places dealing with the life of people from birth to death. Therefore, not only people with different specialties work there but, in some jobs, there is very little agreement among the experts. Therefore, evaluation of hospitals' performance is very important; it can also be complex for such a systematic organization.
Method: Hasheminejad Kidney Hospital used the improved and combined Balanced Score Card (BSC) based on the strategic program presented by the top managers in order to evaluate the performance of the hospital. indicators were determined by Delphi method
Results: 30 performance indicators were determined by Delphi method in the Strategic committee of the hospital in four perspective scorecards, and then the performance program and project were defined based on the objectives of each aspect.
Conclusion: This model can be a useful tool for evaluating and comparing the performance of hospitals. However, this model is flexible and can be adjusted according to differences in the target hospitals. This study can be beneficial for hospital administrators and it can help them to change their perspective about performance evaluation.