Structural Relationships of Graduate Student Research Performance with Teachers' ‎Educational Performance: The Mediating Role of Student Achievement Motivation and ‎Academic Self-Esteem

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Psychology, Semnan University, Semnan, Iran


Background and Objective: The production of science and research has always been one of the indicators of scientific progress that advances social, economic, social, cultural, and so on. The purpose of this study was to investigate the structural relationships between the performance variables of graduate students' performance with the performance of faculty members with the role of intermediate motivation for academic achievement and self-efficacy of students.
Materials and Methods: The design of this research was relational. The statistical population of the study was all postgraduate students of the University of Tehran during the academic year of 1969-98. A total of 648 people were selected through stratified sampling. The research tools were questionnaire of student evaluation of teachers' educational performance, Educational Achievement Motivation Questionnaire, Commodity Inventory Questionnaire and Research Performance Questionnaire. The data was compiled using two spss and lisrel software.
Results: The mean and standard deviation of students' research performance from 24 points were 4.77 ± 2.61. The structural effect of academic achievement motivation on self-efficacy and research performance was significant. The effect of teacher training performance on students' research performance was significant. The value of 0.17 of variance of research performance by model variables, 0.31 of self-efficacy variable was explained by the variable of motivation of academic achievement and teaching performance of faculty members, and 0.57 of the motivation variable of academic achievement was explained by the teacher's educational performance variable. The effect of educational performance of faculty members on the motivation of academic achievement and self-efficacy was significant on student's research performance.
Conclusion: It can be concluded that the performance of teaching faculty is one of the important variables on other important educational structures of the students.