The Conceptualization of a Policy package for Development of Medical Tourism in Iran

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Ph.D. Student, Decision Making and Public General, School of Management and Accounting, Farabi Campus, University of Tehran, Qom, Iran

2 Faculty of Management and Accounting, Farabi Campus, University of Tehran,Tehran, Iran


Background and Objective: Medical tourism is of great importance to the economy and society. Due to its high capacity to create foreign exchange earnings, job creation, high competitive advantage through the export of health services and helping a country to engage constructively with the region, the international system and gain strategic position. Iran has the potential to become one of the leading countries in the field of medical tourism. The main purpose of the research is to propose the procedure for developing the health tourism.
Materials organizations. Based on the conceptualization results, a four-layer model was developed based on four main questions of the research, whose core is policy objectives. Then, the features of the policy and its tools are identified, and then the involved entities and the main actors are involved in the design, explanation, development and implementation of policies.
Results: Results showed that economic drive and medical tourism experience is one the major factors that have driven them to be actively promoting medical tourism industries. Each policy needs were forecasted and targets were defined in the process of formulating the health policies. The policies were then implemented accordingly.
Conclusion: The four-layer model, according to interviews, could lead to the development of policy-making in medical tourism in the country. On the basis of this, at the end of the application, proposals are presented based on each dimension.