Review the Effects of Stress on the Healing Process of Patients with COVID-19: A Narrative Review Study

Document Type : Research Paper


Department Of Psychology, Islamic Azad University, Science And Research Branch, Tehran (Yasouj)


Background and Objective: The emergence of a new Coronavirus, causing the COVID-19, which got started from China with a subsequent rapid spread of the virus in various parts of the world, has been considered as a pandemic. It has raised a great concern in various countries facing large numbers of infected people, presenting with mild manifestations in most cases and sometimes severe and complicated cases and death. As there is not any specific treatment for the COVID-19 treatment, most medical centers rely on the supportive medical intervention in these patients. In this regard, all aspects of the human body could be effective in the process of treatment, as well as nutrition, sleep quality, and psychological issues like stress control.
Method:  In this review, keywords such as stress, treatment, and Covid-19 used to search in Google Scholar, PubMed, ScienceDirect, Web of Science, Ovid Medline, WHO, Articles, and dissertations received during 2020, and finally 12 sources were selected and critiqued, interpreted, and analyzed.
Results: Our study showed that COVID-19 exposes patients to constant and chronic stress. Regardless of patients, all society members could experience more stress due to the implication of health measures such as social distancing and home quarantine.
Conclusion: While in patients this feeling of stress is extremely high; considering stress management programs as well as managing the patient physical activity and providing proper nutritional support, may be helpful in the improvement of COVID-19 through stress management.