Investigating the Relationship between Determination and Critical Thinking in Medical Students of Jahrom Hospitals 2019-2020

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Nursing Faculty. jahrom University of Medical Sciences,Jahrom, Iran.

2 Department of Nursing, Asadabaad Faculty of Medical Sciences, Asadabaad, Iran.

3 Dept. of Nursing, Asadabad School of Medical Sciences, Asadabad, Iran.

4 Department of nursing and midwifery, Isfahan(Khorasgan) Branch, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan, Iran.

5 Nursing Faculty. Jahrom University of Medical Sciences, Jahrom, Iran


Background and objective: The present study was conducted to investigate the relationship between determination and critical thinking in students of Jahrom Hospitals. 
methods: This descriptive and correlational study was performed with the participation of 189 people in the fields of operating room, nursing and medicine in the academic year 2019-2020. Data collection tools were the Richi and Gambrill Resolution Questionnaire and the California Critical Thinking Questionnaire. Data analysis was performed based on statistical software SPSS16. 
Results: The average score of critical thinking boldly 4/08 ± 0/11 and 4/13 ± 0/10 respectively which was adequate. 33.33% of boys and 58.73% of female students had low level of determination and 2.12% of male students and about 1% of female students had high level of determination. Single students had lower levels of determination and critical thinking than married students. 28.57% of indigenous students and 65% of non-native students had a low level of determination and about 0.5% of indigenous students and 1.6% of non-native students had a high level of determination. But these students had a higher level of critical thinking. There was a direct correlation between student assertiveness and critical thinking (r = .908), which was statistically significant (p = .001). 
Conclusion: University education requires the training of knowledgeable and capable people especially in the epidemic such as covid -19. To achieve these goals, it is necessary to review the educational strategies of the students' curriculum to improve students' critical thinking skills.