The Role of Personality Traits on Life Satisfaction with an Emphasis on the Mediating Role of Self-efficacy in Paramedical Students in Shiraz

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Psychology, Arsanjan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Arsanjan, Iran.

2 Department of Psychology, Firoozabad Branch, Islamic Azad University, Firoozabad, Iran.


Background and objective: Life satisfaction is an important concept in positive psychology, so that it is nowadays considered as one of the important indicators of well-being. The present study was an attempt to investigate the structural model of the role of personality traits on life satisfaction considering the mediating role of self-efficacy.
Methods: The statistical population of the present study included all students of the paramedical faculty of Shiraz that 486 people were selected among them using a convenience sampling method. Neo personality inventory and life satisfaction and self-efficacy questionnaires were used to collect research data among general paramedical students in Shiraz. The proposed model was evaluated through structural equation modeling (SEM) in SPSS18 software and AMOS 18 software. Bootstrap method was used to test the indirect effects in the proposed model.
Results: The results revealed that the proposed model has a relatively good fit with the data. Better fit was achieved by eliminating a non-significant path.
Conclusion: In general, the results of present study include important implications about life satisfaction and the factors affecting it, including personality traits and self-efficacy in paramedical students in Shiraz.