review of motivational interviewing and psychological consulting in diabetic patients admitted in hospitals

Document Type : Review


Faculty of Clinical Psychology,Bandar Abbas Islamic Azad University of Research Sciences,Iran



Background and Objective: Motivational interviewing (MI) has recently become a topic of great interest in the diabetes behavioral field, having been the focus of workshops and researches. One of the most essential aspects in behavior modification to promote effective diabetes control is self-efficacy. In diabetes affected subjects, self-efficacy is critical in predicting self-care actions. In this narrative review, we focused on the current literature of the motivational interviewing for Diabetes patients in hospitals.
Method: Our study revealed that applying the MI method and raising individuals' motivation might increase self-efficacy. To improve health and quality of life, diabetic organizations might adopt the MI approach and increase self-efficacy in persons with diabetes.
Results: It is suggested that MI can help modifying physical condition of patients as well as blood sugar and systolic blood pressure control along with long term positive outcomes in prevention of psychological disorders like depression that all would finally result in life quality improvement in diabetic patients; while there might be some reconsideration for type 1 diabetes as MI has been shown to have lower efficacy in this medical condition.