Measuring the compliance of nutrition management standards in selected hospitals in Tehran city

Document Type : Research Paper


Health Services Management Department, School of Economics and Management, Azad University of Tehran, Science and Research Branch, Tehran, Iran.



Background and objective: The nutrition department plays an important role in satisfying patients by providing quality services. Providing appropriate nutritional services based on standard principles can improve hospital performance. The HACCP standard is one of the criteria for assessing the quality of hospital nutrition services.
Method: This cross-sectional study was conducted among 5 selected hospitals in Tehran city in 2020-2021. Data collection was done using a questionnaire including 156 questions in five through interviews and observations. A validated questionnaire with 5 main dimensions includes 156 questions used to measure the Compliance of nutrition management standards. Also, Kruskal-Wallis and Mann-Whitney test in SPSS software version 16 was used to analyze data.
Results: The score of compliance with HACCP standards in hospitals was moderate with a score of 2.68±1.75. On average, only 67% of the standards were compliance in hospitals. The “facilities and observance of health standards” with a score of 2.7±1.03 and the dimension of “employees” with a score of 2.2±1.28 had the highest and lowest standards, respectively. Also, there was a significant difference in compliance with the standards between hospitals (p<0.05).
Conclusion: Due to the unfavorable situation of compliance with standards in the nutrition department of hospitals, efforts to improve the structural status of nutrition units, especially monitoring staff performance can ultimately increase patient satisfaction.