Psychological Barriers of Covid 19 Vaccine Acceptance Among Hospital Healthcare Workers

Document Type : Research Paper





Background and Objective: Extensive media propaganda for Vaccine hesitancy by some media, misconceptions about the uselessness and ineffectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine and its side effects, and various diseases in the body, or rumors that some people died due to the vaccine for various reasons, have led some citizens to not come to receive the vaccine. Some rumors in cyberspace about the strange side effects of the corona vaccine have led some people to refuse to inject the vaccine, even though all corona vaccines used worldwide and in Iran are licensed by the World Health Organization, or at least have undergone several clinical trials.
Method: In this review study, we aimed at reviewing the current literature of vaccine hesitancy to find psychological barriers ‎ to vaccine acceptance, especially in healthcare workers. Vaccine hesitancy can affect people from many walks of life, but disclosing it to health professionals is very important.
Results: If you're looking for a uniquebased on our study, the vaccination rate is yet insufficient in Iran and the whole world, and public trust in immunization remains low; while we think that there is good access to vaccines.
Conclusion: Psychological factors are critical for understanding vaccination intention and we found that concerns about safety, effectiveness and potential side effects were the main barriers to COIVD19 vaccine acceptation.