A National Decentralized Approach to Online Monitoring System from Admission and Triage to Discharge and Bed Management

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Information Technology Management, Faculty of Management and Accounting, Qazvin Branch, Islamic Azad University, Qazvin, Iran



Background and objectives: Hospital management issues have been one of the most important concerns of governments. These challenges involve medical staff and health policymakers more than ever during crises such as the Covid-19 epidemic. Lack of hospital beds and special-care facilities, medical staff shortage, and immediate reduction of drug inventory is among the most important problems in critical situations. Designing technological management solutions and using existing potentials to evaluate the condition of hospitals at the macro level can greatly reduce the incidence of such problems.
Methods: In this study, an attempt is made to prevent the aforementioned problems using a technological solution in Hospital Information Systems (HISs), where a directorial analysis in evaluating the facilities and limitations of medical and healthcare centers on the one hand, and the architecture of the Electronic Health Record (EHR), on the other hand, is performed. Launching an online system transferring the live status of beds between the HIS and EHR systems is the first step, and adopting macro-management approaches to use the available treatment capacities for optimal patient coverage is the second step.
Results: This system is launched nationally based on the current platform of Iran's EHR at a low cost. Collecting patient data during the stages of admission, treatment, and discharge, while facilitating the monitoring of the hospital beds, helps to enrich the content of the EHR, as well as the launch of online management-monitoring dashboards.
Conclusion: Patient status monitoring, bed vacancy, and the discharge rate of hospitals could be monitored offline and lately, and we improved it by providing a novel model.