Job Performance of Clinical Nurses and its association with Job Burnout

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Public health, Faculty of health, Zanjan University of Medical Sciences

2 Department of Public Health, School of Public Health, Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, Zanjan, Iran.



Background and Objective : Employees’ job performance plays a pivotal role in overall achievement of an organization; as the most important capital of an organization has been noticed increasingly in recent years. Burnout has destructive effect on nurses’ performance. This study was done to evaluate job performance of clinical nurse and its association with job burnout.
Method: A cross-sectional study was conducted in the educational hospitals in Zanjan city in 2021. Paterson Job Performance questionnaire and Maslach Burnout Inventory(MBI) were used to collect data on nurses Job Performance and burnout respectively. All clinical nurses of educational hospitals were the target population of this study. Sample size with respect to limited population (400), 220 subject was selected by convenient sampling. Statistical analysis included descriptive statistics as frequency, percentage, mean, analysis of multivariate regression and correlation coefficient.
Results: A total of 207 completed and analyzable questionnaires were returned from 220 sent. The mean score of job performance and burnout were 47.4 and 80.8 respectively. The higher mean of job performance was more likely among aged 30 and higher, the married, females, more experience. In addition, mean score of job performance was higher at those reported low and middle burnout. There were significant and negative relationship between job performance and Emotional Exhaust(EE) and depersonalization (DP)domains. In contrast, association between job performance and personal accomplishment(PA) was significant and positive. The results of regression analysis showed that burnout domains together have been able to predict significantly job performance (R2 = 0.43, f = 51.2, p <0.01).
Conclusion: The findings of the study imply to intermediate to upper intermediate level of job performance and high burnout. There was a negative association between job performance and EE and DP domains of burnout, but, PA domain of burnout was able to predict positively job performance at nurses.