A Comparison of Coping Styles and Social Support among Patients of Private and State Hospitals in Kerman City

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of psychology,Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Kerman, Iran


Background and Objectives :Hospitals severely influence system of sanitary cares. The effect of coping styles and social support on the results of medical remedies maybe leads to methods for reduction in the costs of medical cares. The goal of present study was comparison of coping styles and social support among patients of private and state hospitals of Kerman city.
 Methods:101 bedridden patients in private hospitals and 101 bedridden patients in state hospitals of Kerman randomly were selected. Scales of Coping Styles (Moss & Billings) and Social Support (Stewart & Sherbourn) were used. In order to analyze the data, methods of descriptive statistics and multivariable analysis of variance (MANOVA) were applied.
 Findings: Patients of state hospitals use coping style of emotion-focused more than patients of private hospitals. Also,the evaluation of patients of informational support in private hospitals was more than state hospitals.
 Conclusion: As for the results of this study, teaching the appropriate coping styles, informing the families and personnel of hospitals about the importance of social support and codification and improvement in the policies for promotion of the hospital services is necessary.