Effectiveness of Safety Training on Knowledge and Practice of Operating Room Personnel Regarding Fire Prevention

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Occupational health department,paramedical college,behbahan faculty of medical sciences

2 Department of Basic Sciences, University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation sciences, Tehran, Iran

3 Department of nursing, Behbahan Faculty of Medical Science, Behbahan, Iran

4 Student Research Committee, Behbahan faculty of medical sciences, Behbahan, Iran


Background and Objectives: Fire is an inherent and permanent risk in the operating room and the prevention of it in the operating room require awareness of risks and effective communication between its staffs. Thus the purpose of this study is to determine the awareness and the practice of the operating room staff about fire prevention and to determine the effectiveness of safety training on the awareness and the practice of fire prevention in operating room staff.
Methods: This study is a quasi-experimental intervention that has been done on 64 staff in the operating room in 5 hospitals in Khuzestan province. Sampling was done randomly for two groups the case and the control. After matching the samples based on age, work experience and previous training, the case group indirectly trained in the field of fire, and compare for evaluating the effectiveness of training by the control group. The instrument of this study includes the fire questionnaire, the demographic questionnaire and educational poster. The collected data were analysed by paired t-test and t-test of SPSS16.
Findings: The results showed that the mean of the awareness and performance value in the case group before the intervention are respectively 2.6 and 3.93 and after the intervention are 3.1 and 3.9. This difference was statistically significant for awareness (P<0.05) but was not significant for the practice (p>0.05). There is no significant difference between the case and control groups in knowledge value before the intervention (P>0/05) but after the intervention, shows a significant difference between these groups (P<0/05). The performance value of these groups didn’t have a significant difference before and after the intervention (P>0/05).
Conclusions: the results show that safety training is useful for operating room staff and  have a positive effect on increasing knowledge and practice of operating room personnel.