Study on the Impact of Implementing Public-Private Partnership (PPP) at Hasheminejad Kidney Center

Document Type : Research Paper


Hospital Management Research Center (HMRC), Iran University of Medical Sciences (IUMS), Tehran, Iran


Background and Objectives: As with most countries, in the developing communities, providing high quality services in the field of health care is affected by limited financial resources. Applying the positive stimuli germane to the private sector to public hospital may be one solution to the public sector's problems, and the health care system, in general, for reducing hospital construction and operation costs. One example can be designing proper cooperation contracts between public hospitals (non-governmental partner) as the holder, and a capital managerial proficiency, and large-scale facilities in that order. This study aimed at evaluating the benefits of implementing the public-private partnership model to Hasheminejad Kidney Center, an academic hospital, with the Moheb non-governmental organization in Tehran in 2013. Methods: The survey population consisted of managers and staff of Hasheminejad Kidney Center in Tehran (total 50). Questionnaires were distributed to the study population, and the resulting data was subjected to descriptive analysis in all five known impact domains for public-private partnership. Findings: The managers’ perceptions in all five public-private partnership domains were concluded as beneficial. Among these, quality of hospital services scored the most benefit (average = 79.8 %), financial enhancement stood at 78.4%, and benefits to the staff averaged 78.3%. Most importantly, the participants also found the impact of PPP on education and academic to be very positive (75.1%). Conclusions: The results of our survey on this uniquely durable prototype of PPP between an academic hospital and an NGO confirm its decisively positive impact on all studied domains, including not only the expected quality of care and financial aspects, but convincingly for educational services as well.