Development of an Assessment Model for Evaluating the Performance of Nursing Services

Document Type : Research Paper


1 TOBB ETU Hospital, Ankara, Turkey

2 Nursing Department, Health Sciences Faculty, Gazi University, Besevler/Ankara, Turkey


A Model for Evaluating the Performance of Nursing Services


Background and Objectives: Monitoring of nursing performance on a regular basis is crucial for continuous improvement of nursing services management. The aim of this study was to propose an assessment model for the monitoring and evaluating the performance of the nursing services by nursing services managers.


Methods: A Delphi-based qualitative research method was adopted. Based on the literature data, 120 questions were formulated. Three Delphi rounds were held and eight experts were referred to for their opinions in each Delphi round. The data derived from experts’ opinions was analyzed using of the content validity index.


Findings: The assessment form comprises of 63 indicators related to patient care, nursing services, and nurse qualification. The visit form allows inquiring not only on the quality of services, but the process of services delivery, as well.


Conclusions: The evaluation model developed in this study can facilitate continuous monitoring and assessment of nursing services performance.