Reducing Errors by RFID Technology to Achieve Lean Healthcare

Document Type : Open Debate


Department of Industrial Engineering, K.N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


Reducing wastes in the healthcare processes is crucial for developing a high performance health system. Adopted from the Toyota Production System (TPS), the Lean concept has emerged in recent years as a way of introducing innovative ideas to improve industrial processes. In the context of health care, Lean is considered as a continuous improvement model, which provides healthcare organization to identify and remove the wasteful activities. Implementation of Lean concept can benefit from use of new technologies that facilitate management of patients, human resources, and inventories. RIDF is one of these technologies, which by its traceability and real-time provision of information can help removing non-value added activities in healthcare processes. The purpose of this paper was to systematically explore how healthcare organizations can take the advantages of RFID to optimize their process and create value added towards ultimately becoming Lean. We categorized the major advantages of RFID in the context of health care and the Lean scopes that can benefit from RFID and discussed the relationship between the two concepts.