Comparative Study on Patterns of Performance Assessment in Medical Schools

Document Type : Systematic Review


1 Faculty of Educational Sciences, Islamic Azad University of Tehran, Central Branch

2 Faculty of Educational Sciences, Islamic Azad University of Tehran, Islamshahr Branch

3 Health Information Management & Medical Informatics, Department of Health Information Technology, Faculty of Paramedical Sciences, ShahidBeheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran



Background and objective:Medicine is a combination of health and healingthat includes diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease and many other aspects of health. Despite the fact that many improvements have been made in medical education, medical schools continue to face many problems in facing the community, patients, doctors And students who are not compatible with the strategies of medical education. As a result, medical schools need a model and a good tool for evaluating and ensuring the quality of the program and learning process.
Method:Since there is no common model for assessing the educational performance of Iranian medical schools, the present study was conducted in three areas: performance evaluation, educational evaluation and medical education evaluation. These models were studied and their positive and negative points were compared in the performance evaluation of medical schools.
Findings:Organizational Performance Assessment Concepts such as continuous development, stakeholder participation, innovation, and flexibility are important. While in educational evaluation models, emphasis is placed on learning process such as learning outcomes, behavioral change, training effectiveness, and return on investment. Assessment in medical education is less than other educational fields and in recent years, based on the topics of such subjects as biomedical sciences, behavioral and social sciences, decision making, communication skills, interpersonal collaboration, medical medicine and medical ethics, is done.
Conclusion:To evaluate the performance of medical education, one can not use a performance appraisal or evaluation model or even a medical education assessment model. Since each group of these models has positive and negative points, only a combination of these models can evaluate all aspects of the performance of medical education.