Employment of multi criteria decision making techniques and mathematical formulation for Construction of the sustainable hospital

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of industrial engineering, Iran University of science and technology, 16846-13114.

2 Department of industrial engineering, Iran University of science and technology, 16846-13114


Background and objective: One of the most prominent factors in the success of medical systems is finding a proper location to build hospitals and other medical care centers. On the other hand, sustainable development is illustrated an important concept for both private and public sectors which focuses on three aspects of development: social, environmental and economical. Hence in order to find the best location, taking in to account sustainable criteria, can pave the path of meeting triple bottom line requirements in the field of hospitals construction.
Methods: Focus in this paper is on identifying the best location for the hospital construction with the help of best-worst method to find weights of each criteria and then The Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (TOPSIS) to rank the possible locations. After applying TOPSIS method, with the use of additive utility function we analyze the initial ranking. In the next step Mathematical formulation has been applied in order to find the proper locations to open hospital. The objective functions consist of two equations; the first one is minimizing the opening cost and penalty cost (because of the fact that the proximity of hospitals to patients are of high importance); the second one is related to maximizing the utilities obtained from las step.  
Results and conclusion: according to the case study which was implemented in Tehran, the best locations for hospital construction considering penalty cost, construction cost and utilities of each hospital to offer better service, have been identified.