Publication Ethics

The International Journal of Hospital Research policy regarding suspected scientific misconduct including plagiarism, fabricated data, falsification, and redundancy is based on the guidelines on good publication practice of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE; The Journal requires all authors to comply fully with current ethical standards for publication in their disciplines. Authors are responsible for the originality of manuscripts submitted to journal and the original data based on which the manuscript is provided must be available upon on editor request. All authors should have agreed to and be aware of the manuscript submission. The corresponding author must have the authority from all authors to act on their behalf in all matter related to publication of the manuscript. Authors are responsible for the contents of their manuscript, including article claims, conclusions, and appropriate citation, acknowledgments, and author contribution. The journal office will receive the manuscript based upon the perception that authors have the authority for publishing the work and that they guarantee that the manuscript, or one with substantially the same contents was not published previously or is not under review for publication elsewhere. Upon submission of the paper, it is expected that the authors will provide written assurance for the originality and the novelty of their work in a covering letter.